IT consultant to the Third Sector

Eoin Houston

WHALE Arts Agency

WHALE Arts Agency is a community arts organisation based in a purpose built arts and learning space in West Edinburgh. In our building, we have a network of 18 computers used by staff and students.

Eoin has been volunteering as an IT consultant with WHALE for over ten months, one day a week. During this time Eoin has made many improvements to our IT networks and systems and has totally changed the way that we use IT in our organisation.

The primary areas of work Eoin has undertaken are:

Eoin's work has dramatically impacted on the way we work at WHALE. All our data is now stored centrally and can be accessed from all networked computers, enabling staff to access their files from any desk. Data is regularly backed up so we will never lose a file again. Our web-site is safely and securely stored and can be updated in moments using very user friendly software. We are using the most up to date office software (Microsoft 2007) and our computers are clean and running much faster than previously.

All of this has enabled us to work much more efficiently and effectively. We have changed the way we file information and now we are all able to access shared data and as a result work much better as a team. And on a very basic level, we can get on with our jobs without our computers regularly crashing!

We are hugely grateful for all the time and effort that Eoin has put into our organisation. He has become a much valued member of our team. He is reliable, thoughtful and committed to his work with us. When he is busy, he can work almost invisibly but he always makes time to chat and be friendly to everyone in the office.

WHALE would not hesitate to recommend Eoin as IT support for a voluntary organisation such as ours. He not only understands our needs as a small business but the restrictions that are placed on us because of our limited funds. He has found great solutions for our organisation at a tiny fraction of their monetary worth.

Alison Reeves
Agency Manager