IT consultant to the Third Sector

Eoin Houston

Scottish Wildlife Trust

“Scottish Wildlife Trust had a challenge – to help us integrate our bespoke website with our off the shelf membership database, keeping the data completely secure and reducing the amount of laborious data entry we would otherwise need to do when donors sign up to membership of our organisation by Direct Debit. Like all charities we need to keep our costs low and without his help we would probably have overspent our limited budget. Eoin has worked with us for some months, developing scripts, and training us in how to use them, testing and suggesting improvements to part of our website, all so that we could launch our on-line Direct Debit sign up in time for a major membership recruitment campaign. Without Eoin’s valuable input I doubt we wouldn’t have achieved the great results we are now getting. He has always been very helpful and friendly, putting up with moving goalposts and slipping deadlines. We look forward to working with him again on the next phase of this or on other IT projects.”

Janet McFarlane
Membership & Fundraising Data Manager
Scottish Wildlife Trust