IT consultant to the Third Sector

Eoin Houston

Health All Round

I am happy to provide this reference for Eoin Houston who has volunteered with my agency for the past two years. Health All Round has never had a budget for professional IT support and when Eoin joined us we had no real system in place. Our files were disorganised and difficult to access for sharing. Eoin has set us up with an excellent, user friendly system which we can all access. We also have restricted access files and we all have individual passwords. Eoin has also provided general on going IT support, solving problems and keeping us up to date with anti-virus software etc. Eoin has provided training to staff who were unaccustomed to using e-mail and to all staff in using the new system. Eoin also spends time with new staff and students, setting them up with passwords and e-mail accounts etc.

We are very much indebted to Eoin at Health All Round, he has saved us a considerable amount of money and anxiety, he makes himself available whenever we require help and we all enjoy working with him. I have no hesitation in recommending Eoin to you and am sure he will be an asset to your organisation.

Catriona Windle